Tea Kettle

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Size 2 quart
Mirror-polished 2-quart All-Clad kettle is a stunning lifetime addition to the kitchen -- whistles when water is boiling. With the brilliant, signature quality of All-Clad, this stainless-steel tea kettle is the elegant kitchen essential. Hand-polished to a mirror finish, every feature of this whistling tea pot represents excellence. This 2-qt. All-Clad kettle whistles to alert when water is boiling. Features internal maximum fill indicator line to prevent overflow, tight-fitting lid and wide flat base for fast, safe boiling. Signature ergonomic handle and thumb indent on the lid latch for ease in handling and pouring control. This whistling tea pot features durable cast stainless-steel lid handle with high-strength, noncorrosive stainless-steel rivets for permanent attachment. Signature logo distinguishes this teakettle as a timeless kitchen accessory. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction. Dishwasher-safe. Lifetime manufacturer warranty. Originating from the skills of a metallurgist more than 35 years ago, the makers of All-Clad cookware have perfected the layered-metal bonding process to become a prominent leader in the cookware industry.
  • Brilliantly-styled, mirror-polished stainless-steel kettle is a stunning, lifetime kitchen essential
  • Whistles when water reaches the boiling point
  • Internal maximum fill line to prevent overflow
  • Tight-fitting lid and wide flat base for efficient, safe boiling
  • Ergonomic stay-cool stainless-steel handle
  • Thumb indent on lid latch for pouring control
  • High-strength, noncorrosive stainless-steel rivets
  • Signature All-Clad logo
  • Induction-capable All-Clad Lifetime Warranty: From date of purchase, All-Clad guarantees to repair or replace any item found defective in material, construction or workmanship under normal use and following care instructions. This excludes damage from misuse or abuse. Minor imperfections and slight color variations are normal.