ROCK-A-THIGH Unisex-Baby Thigh Socks With Ribbed Panel

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Size 6-8 Years
Your little ones will love rock-a-thigh baby thigh socks by themselves during those cool fall and spring months and under pants or dresses in the colder winter months, sock cuffs are comfortable and designed not to roll down or twist so they stay up and stay on chubby little legs, ribbed panels at the ankle and arch help keep thigh socks in place while keeping the entire leg warm in strollers and baby carriers, a fashionable alternative to tights, rtb thigh socks are great for boys and girls, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and potty training, for those of you who practice etc. at home, these thigh socks rock no-skid grips on soles give traction as well as identify the sock's size,, sustainable recycled cotton-blend textile product made from soft top-quality, 100-percent pre-consumer yarn recycled yarn that is spun from regenerated material recovered from newly made fabrics-conserving land, water, and energy