Anna Sui
Lip Crayon, 300 Milky Pink 0.05 oz (1 ml)

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300 Milky Pink 301 Passion Pink 400 Anna Red 600 Coral Orange
Size 1 ml
Easy-to-use thin, twist-up style crayon Hard wax and soft wax are expertly blended into a perfectly balanced formula that is just hard enough to outline the lips. Light Touch Oil has been added to make the formula extra spreadable and smooth. Additionally, the twist-up design of this product makes it easy to use. The versatility of being able to use it all over the lips or even just as a lip liner levels up your makeup routine. Rich, semi-matte finish : The rich concentration of pigments leaves a strong and vivid semi-matte finish. Gloss Oil has been added to give off a hint of shine for beautiful, semi-matte lips. Beautiful, long-lasting finish : Fit Oil has been added for improved adherence. In addition, Matte Powder improves fit for a beautiful finish that lasts and lasts. Matte Powder... Powder particles that improve adherence and makeup lasting power