ARCONA 'Basic Five' Travel Kit for Normal Skin ($105 Value)

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The Basic Five is the recommended foundation program of all the Arcona products. Designed specifically for normal skin, it restores the skin to its natural balance. The products in the Basic Five work synergistically and are scientifically designed to fulfill a distinct transformational function. For this reason, Arcona recommends that you follow the program as suggested and do not incorporate other skincare products into your regimen for the first 2 - 6 weeks prior to consulting with an Arcona specialist. After the initial period, continuing to use the Basic Five as part of an advanced daily Arcona skincare program promises even fresher, more glowing skin and a more contoured, youthful appearance. Kit includes: - White Tea Purifying Cleanser (2 oz.) - Gentle Solution (0.5 oz.) - Golden Grommage (2 oz.) - Magic White Ice (0.5 oz.) - Desert Mist (0.5 oz.)
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