Sahara Chest of Drawers - White

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Argington Sahara Trundle Drawer Argington Sahara Trundle Drawer is an easy and convenient way to store babies' clothes, toys and blankets. Made of birch ply, it's durable and affordable. It easily slides under the Sahara Crib and the converted toddler bed. The hardware remains hidden so that the drawer looks good always. This sleek drawer goes with all kinds of nursery interiors. Easy to assemble, it has stains and finishes that are nontoxic. Why You'll Love It: It easily slides under the Sahara Crib or the toddler bed that has been converted and offers convenient and spacious storage space. Features
  • Easy and spacious storage for baby's clothes, toys and blankets
  • Made of birch ply
  • Stains, finishes and glues used are low VOC and nontoxic
  • Easily rolls under the Argington Sahara Crib and can be used with the toddler bed, too
  • Hardware remains hidden
  • Meets regulations by Consumer Product Safety Commission, ASTM and Health Canada