Nur Meta Suspension Lamp

nur meta suspension lamp another beautiful creation by ernesto gismondi. features a direct color and indirect white halogen lighting, utilizing artemide's patented metamorfosi technology, cable suspended. The deep dome shaped body/diffuser in spun aluminum, available in grey or aluminum finish
  • ceiling canopy in spun aluminum with a microprocessor and a remote controlled infrared receiver the lighting is emitted by four halogen lamps, three are contained within the upper/inner section of the dome, each equipped with a dichroic color lens (red, green, and blue) providing direct color lighting, one is recessed in the upper/outer section of the diffuser, providing indirect white lighting
  • mounting to standard electrical junction boxes. “metamorfosi" is a technological breakthrough, providing ambient light in endless gradations of color atmospheres, to create the mood and desire of the use in the changing moments of life. an apparatus consisting of parabolic projecting reflectors, dichroic filters in red, green, and blue (metamorfosi 3), and with halogen lamp sources, controlled separately and simultaneously by a patented microprocessor, a remote control acts on a receiver sensor, also enclosed in the luminaire and connected to the microprocessor and can be selected on the remote control.