Thermal Spring Water Soothing Serum

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Size 1.01 fl oz
For sensitive skin Hypoallergenic Non Comedogenic Properties: Avene thermal spring water, clinically proven to soothe and soften, is captured in a patented liposome delivery system* for maximum soothing power. With its low mineral and trace elements, including silica, Avene thermal spring water leaves a soothing and softening barrier on the skin. Through its patented liposome delivery system, this unique serum captures Avene thermal spring water in tiny reservoirs for maximum efficacy, prolonging its diffusion in the skin for long - lasting benefits. This serum absorbs instantly and provides skin with a pleasant sensation of smoothness and comfort. It restores softness, balance and radiance. Guarantees of quality: Rigorously selected raw materials. Products manufactured and controlled under the strictest conditions. Tested on sensitive skin by dermatologists. Hypoallergenic and non - comedogenic. A cosmetic vigilance committee. Made in France Information? 1-866-41-AVENE