Baby Quasar
plus anti-wrinkle light therapy tool (red)

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portable yet powerful anti-wrinkle light therapy tool This light therapy device may be cute and compact—but behind its petite exterior lies a wrinkle-reducing powerhouse that delivers mega-sized results. The most advanced anti-wrinkle beauty tool available for home use, it’s designed to specifically target ‘round-the-eye wrinkles (and trust us, you don’t want your eye area looking old, since those peepers are involved in about 80% of all interactions). Featuring C-Factor technology that combines amber, red and infrared lights, this safe, natural solution allows you to achieve pro-quality results in just 6 minutes a day, three times a week. So if your wrinkles have you seeing red, use it to treat them instead! Includes Baby Quasar PLUS device, travel case and 110-240v power adapter.
  • Class II medical device for treating wrinkles with no negative side effects or downtime
  • 25% stronger than the original device
  • Promotes the development of collagen
  • L
ifetime warranty