Faux Tan Face Gradual Glow Sunless Tanner

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Better than the real thing, this quick-drying sunless tanner gives you a sun- kissed complexion without exposure to the sun's harmful rays. A unique tanning peptide delivers a subtle, golden glow that gradually develops into a natural-looking tan over time. A mineral copper complex works to prolong the effects, while plant-derived emollients help lock in moisture without clogging pores for a healthy-looking complexion. Build a deeper tan by reapplying - and look like you've basked in the sun longer. Formulated without parabens and artificial oils. Suggested usage instructions: For best results, exfoliate before application. Smooth evenly all over face and decollete. You see the amber color as you're applying it, so you know exactly where it goes, or if you've missed a spot. To avoid discoloring palms, wash hands with soap and water immediately after use.