Pearl Wash 3 oz (90 g)

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Size 90 g
Clear the air with your complexion, lessens effects of acne care and the environment on younger skin, tightens pores, leaves complexion supple and firm, works with all types of skin. clickR skin care formulations are new and unique, made of nourishing but purposeful ingredients that your young skin craves. Each and every element is here for a reason, to make clickR skin care fast-acting, incredibly effective and gentle on your skin. And every ingredient comes from plant or mineral origins, so it's not only seriously effective, it's totally natural. clickR uses no artificial colors. No parabens. No phthalates. No sulfates or petrochemicals. No endocrine disruptors, benzoyl peroxide or allergen fragrances. Clinically tested, safe and effective for everyday use and all skin types, even sensitive skin. And no animal testing whatsoever. Naturally pure. Always vegan.