jewel dust feeorin 1.3g

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These exquisitely embellishedpowders add playful colour to the eyes when worn alone, and create rich,exotic tones when layered over neutral eye shadows. Available in arange of enchanting colours from ethereal pastels to dazzling metallics.Fragrance and preservative free.

Created from pure pigments which provide the highest luster and intensity

Unlike other shimmer powders, this exclusive formulation does not contain talc, fillers, or inferior silver pearl pigments

Can be worn alone or layered over creme and powder eye colour to create unique tones and range of effects

Micro fine shimmer pigments adds illuminating colour to the eyes

Suitable for sensitive eyes

Takes the wearer from 'daytime demure' to 'party perfect'

Make-up Artist Tips:

Apply with a brush onto bare eyelids for a sheer sparkling wash of translucent colour.

Dab on with a sponge applicator, such as BECCA Eye Powder Control Brush #49, for more concentrated colour.

Apply over BECCA Mattifying or Silky Hydrating Primer to lock the colour onto the eyelids and for a more intense effect.

Layer over matte eye colours to create interesting metallic and glittering shades.

Apply over creme colours to set the cremes and to create intense, opaque colour with a jewel-like finish.

Layer BECCA Bird of Paradise Gloss over a sheer wash of Jewel Dust for sexy shiny colour.

Apply a fine line of shimmer to the lower or top lash line to create a flash of colour and sparkling eyes.

Apply a small amount of the lighter shades to the inner corners of the eyes for a fresh, bright-eyes look.

Apply with a damp brush for a more vibrant, intense and opaque finish.