Brow Wax Benefit's Signature Brow Arch Service

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Why we love it! The Benefit brow wax is the quickest way to not only flatter, but flaunt your favorite features. Whether you’re searching for eye-opening arches or a little extra lift in your overall look, the results from this service will leave you looking polished, pretty, and put-together.
  • Every brow service begins with our signature technique that’s totally unique to Benefit called, Brow Mapping . Brow Mapping is a 3-step process that helps us determine the most ideal shape on any face – taking each of YOUR key features into account. And since everyone’s brows are different, cookie-cutter styles & stencils simply will not do. Benefit Cosmetics custom brow service is the simplest way to brighten your look in the blink of an eye.
How to apply Find a BrowBar or boutique near you! Details Q: Why should I get my brows waxed? A: A Benefit brow wax can do a number of things to your overall look, from instantly opening the entire eye area (go ahead, show off those pretty peepers), to creating a well-groomed frame for the face. Q: Is there a universal brow shape that flatters every woman? A: Absolutely not! Benefit arch experts Brow Map each guest before the service begins to find the most flattering shape on any face. After all, you’re one in a million and your eyebrows should be too! Q: What’s the difference between waxing & tweezing and which service is for me? A: A Benefit brow wax is the fastest way to look polished, pretty and put-together. But for those who find their skin a bit more sensitive, we offer other methods to eyebrow excellence as well. Using our iconic Brow-Mapping technique, we also tweeze to please at every BrowBar beauty lounge and Boutique location... one hair at a time. Q: Do I have to make an appointment to have my brows waxed? A: No appointments are necessary, gorgeous! Menu of Services: brow trim $5 brow & lip wax $27 brow tweeze $22 *Prices may vary slightly depending on location