Cnd solar cuticle oil

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a vitamin-infused oil that helps protect nails and cuticles Talk about ‘solar’ power! This dermal-defending blend of moisturizing oils and soothing vitamin E comes in ‘hand’-y for even the driest, roughest, most brittle nails and skin. A cuticle-comforting combo of vitamin E and rice bran, jojoba and sweet almond oils (which makes it smell more like an almond macaroon than a ‘cure’-all concoction), it penetrates deeply and protects parched skin from everyday aggressors and the telltale signs of aging hands while keeping nails, nail color and nail enhancements like Shellac tough and flexible. Take it from manicurists everywhere: it’s truly an ‘essential oil’. 0.125 oz.
  • Softens and conditions skin and nails
  • Keeps nails strong and helps manicures last longer
  • Repeated use drives oils deeper into natural nail