Pocketflops decadent black

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foldable flip-flops for carry-everywhere comfort These smart little sandals put the ‘flip’ in flip-flop with a split sole that flips downward so they fold all the way in half for compact, carry-along convenience. Unfold them and the seam disappears—you won’t feel it and no one will see it (they stay perfectly flat with each step). Featuring soft, cloth straps, a layer of eco-friendly recycled tire rubber and a cute matching 100% cotton pouch, they’re perfect to have on hand (or, um, foot) for pedis, travel, commuting and post-party relief from painful pumps. Buy a bunch and keep a pair everywhere!
  • As cute and comfy as regular flip-flops, with added folding feature
  • Folding seam is super-durable for long-lasting wear
  • Shoes fold ‘straps out’ so dirty soles stay hidden
Available in these sizes Small: 6.5-7.5 Medium: 8-8.5 Large: 9-11