Hollywood fashion secrets sweater saver

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safely removes unsightly pilling from knits, coats and blankets The greatest little fuzz-buster ever, this 100% natural pumice stone gently buffs away those nasty pills that show up out of nowhere to ruin the look and shorten the life of everything from sweaters to blankets. Simply rub this magic de-‘pill’-atory over the offending area, and voilà: the ‘just bought’ look is restored. It works its wonders on knits and wovens and is equally effective on both natural and synthetic fabrics. Palm-sized and lightweight, it’s perfect for home and travel. Plus, it doesn’t snag or damage fabric like motorized versions—and best of all, it never needs batteries!
  • Easy to use pumice ‘brick’ de-pills in just a few light swipes
  • Perfect for sweaters, coats and blankets
  • Extends the life of your wardrobe to save money