Red Covered Wok

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Red Orange
Size 14.5-in.
The wok may be synonymous with Asian cuisine, but it is quickly becoming a kitchen staple in the Western hemisphere as well due to its versatility. Bring it out to stir-fry some of your favorite veggies, or use it to roast, steam or simmer. The woks unique shape actually came about because of an energy shortage; its rounded sides provide a larger cooking surface that can be heated to very high temperatures with less energy. The CHAMBORD Wok has a shiny enameled coating in four different colors and a glass lid. Its made from cast iron, enamel, stainless steel, glass, bamboo and silicone and is 14.5-in. in diameter. ProductCharacteristics: Material: Enameled Cast Iron Diameter: 14.5-in. Origin: China