Panini Duo Press

$69.95 $109.95
SPECIAL VALUE The quick and easy way to make café-quality panini sandwiches right in your own kitchen, without needing butter or oil.This compact unit features a sleek, brushed stainless-steel exterior, flat and ridged nonstick grill plates, and an adjustable-height top plate.The floating hinge allows you to grill sandwiches of different thickness at the same time.Durable nonstick finish allows the use of metal utensils.Rubberized grip feet provide balance and stability on any type of countertop.Hand wash.113⁄4" l x 13" w x 51⁄4" h.DID YOU KNOW? In 1974, Breville invented the world’s first scissor-action sandwich maker, selling 400,000 units in its first year—one of the most successful product launches in Australian history.Today, from New Zealand to the UK, toasted sandwiches are still affectionately called “Brevilles,” so much so that the term has been added to the Australian dictionary.
  • Made by Breville, creator of the world’s first toasted sandwich machine
  • Material: Stainless steel eXterior with non-stick grill plates
  • Dimensions: 113⁄4"D X 13"W X 51⁄4"H
  • Designed in Australia, assembled in China Care & Usage Show
  • Hand wash