Hot Wok Pro

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Put some sizzle in your meal and up your stir-fry game with the Breville Hot Wok Pro. Designed to provide the same high heat and consistent cooking you get from a gas flame, our handy countertop wok harnesses the precision of electricity for optimal control, delivering all the heating, browning and stir-frying you need to create a delicious dish. The specially designed vent on the lid allows you to control the amount of moisture in the dish and makes it easy to steam vegetables before turning up the heat and adding a little sauce. The extra-large capacity of our 8-quart electric wok works equally well whether you're cooking a saucy stir-fry for two or a fresh, flavorful family-sized meal. The heating element runs up the sides of our wok, giving you optimal results. Another advantage of our countertop wok is the easy care and maintenance with no seasoning required. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION FEATURES
  • Precision controls include multiple settings with temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Versatility that allows you to steam, stir-fry, make soups or create stews
  • One-touch slide bar for speedy disassembly and convenient wok storage
  • Adjustable steam vent on the tempered-glass lid for safety and moisture control
  • PFOA-free, nonstick aluminum interior for easy cleaning
  • Features a 1800-watt heating element maximizing your ability to achieve the high temperatures needed for a delicious stir-fry