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Fast French Deceptions Glue-On Kit, Conceal, Short Length

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Got a Taste for Design Nails? Fast French Deceptions Glue-On Nails Kit Includes: Most Natural Moon on Every Nail Beautiful nails you should have been born with. These French nails have a moon design at the cuticle just like your natural nail. A look so deceptive, they'll think they're your own. French Nails - Made in China Pink Gel Glue - Made in USA/Japan/KoreaWarnings Irritant. Caution: Cyanoacrylate. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, can bond in seconds. Do not breathe vapors. Can irritate eyes, respiratory system, and skin. If skin bonding occurs, do not pull; peel apart gently by soaking in acetone or polish remover. If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water and seek medical advice at once. Avoid contact with clothing as burns may occur. Do not use on nails that are infected, damaged, thin or weak. Keep out of reach of children. Use entire glue contents upon opening. The container is not child resistant once opened.
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