Bruck Lighting
V/A Chandelier II - Six Light

Bling I Glass / Black Glass
Bling I Glass / Clear Glass
Bling I Glass / Gold Glass
Bling I Glass / Silver Glass
Bobo Glass / Blue Glass
Bobo Glass / Clear Glass
Bobo Glass / Red Glass
Jass Glass / Amber Matte Glass
Jass Glass / Blue Matte Glass
Jass Glass / White Matte Glass
Laguna Glass / Brown And Cream Glass
Laguna Glass / Smoky Glass
Laguna Glass / Vanilla Glass
Laguna Glass / White With Silver Flakes
Laguna Glass / Yellow And White Glass
Mini Ciro Glass / Gold-Leaf Glass
Mini Ciro Glass / Tan Mosaic Glass
Mini Ciro Glass / White Fritted Glass
Pandora Glass / Emerald Glass
Pandora Glass / Garnet Glass
Pandora Glass / Opaline Glass
Pandora Glass / Sapphire Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Clear Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Dichroic Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Orange Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Red Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Retro Black Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Retro White Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Smoky Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Sunrise Glass
Rainbow II Glass / Turquoise Glass
Up light / Indirect
Size down light / direct chrome matte chrome bronze
The V/A Chandelier II is a clean, minimalist chandelier providing direct or indirect illumination The system starts with a 30" diameter rail that is suspended by three supports. Choose from a large selection of Bruck glass to create the look that is right for you. The 150W transformer is housed in the canopy. The standard 59" drop can be shortened in the field. Available in choice of several of Bruck's glass families, finish and direct or indirect light direction. Technical Specifications:
  • 120V AC, 50/60Hz input 117V, AC output 120VA, 118W for 6Suitable for dry locations only Mounts to 3" to 4" round junction box Short circuit, overload and thermal protection Dimmable with compatible dimmer, sold separately