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Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit

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Nail the finishing touch with Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit. Master the basics and unleash your creativity with 6 essential nail art tools that put gorgeous looks at your fingertips. Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit includes: Dotting Tool: Double ended with two different sized dots. Create dot artwork-like polka dots and leopard prints. Striping Brush: Short and pointed for drawing intricate nail designs and lines. Clean Up Brush: Dip in nail lacquer remover and brush away imperfections. Brush away excess nail lacquer along the edge of the fingernail. Liner Brush: Long tip perfect for bold lines and long strokes. For French manicure as well as drawing lines that need to be straight or have curves. Marbling Brush: Perfect for swiping effects across the nail for animal stripes, ombre and textured effect