Heather Gardner - Tiger Lily Cuff

$80.75 $95
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Black Leather Chocolate Leather
  • This leather cuff has a more modern look, although it's still pretty feminine. We love it, as it is another of our truly one-of-a-kind pieces, with nothing out there like it on the market. It combines a bit of boho and chic and is an amazing statement piece.
  • Because of all that is going on with this cuff, we recommend to wear it with a more subtle outfit; jeans and a plain blouse or a simple floral sundress.
  • Wear it out on the town with a sleek dress and leather jacket
  • The leather is purchased, manufactured, and shipped from the Los Angeles and Malibu areas! LOCAL is best! DETAILS:
  • The cuff height is 2 1/2"
  • The lace is an antique white color
  • Italian leather available in Black or Chocolate
  • All snaps are brass, silver is available upon request