California Baby
Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

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Size 13 oz
California Baby Bubble Bath - 13 oz De-stress and de-frazzle with California Baby Bubble Bath. With the added benefit of aromatherapy, the blend is a gentle biodegradable bubble bath made with mild vegetable-derived bubbling agents and enriched with a nourishing herbal complex for clean, soft skin That's all-smiles. Why You'll Love It: Convert crankiness to comfort with this bubble bath and soothe overtired muscles, for parents and kids alike. Age: Newborn and up Features
  • Mild, organic ingredients
  • Brings in the benefits of aromatherapy
  • Free of synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA and numbing agents
  • No tears formula
  • Does not strip skin of moisture
  • Bubbles with soapbark and yucca
  • Perfect for mama, too: can ease symptoms of PMS