Women's 657 Manhattan Xtreme Tap Shoe

$45.18–74.95 $68.37–74.95
Black Caramel
Size 4 M US 4 W US 4.5 W US 5.5 M US 6.5 W US 7.5 M US 8 W US 8.5 W US 9 W US 10 W US 11 W US
#Soft, supple leather upper#Tele Tone® toe and Duo Tone heel taps mounted on steel sprung sounding boards#Foam cushioned insole#Fully-lined leather footbed#Smooth folded edge topline#Leather sole is fully breasted for strength#Non-slip heel counter#Thick, contoured 2.5 plastic fully leather wrapped heel with leather top lift gives stability and a larger strike zone#Begin with street shoe size"