Ceramic Burr Grinder

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The best baristas know that one of the secrets to great-tasting coffee is grinding the beans right before brewing.This high-quality grinder features a ceramic burr that cuts beans to a uniform consistency without pulverizing them for even extraction.Because ceramic burrs generate less heat than metallic blades, the grinder helps preserve the delicate, heat-sensitive flavors and aromas present in the beans.Ideal for drip, pour-over and press coffee as well as most pump espresso machines.
  • Manufacturer: Capresso
  • Includes: Unit, cleaning brush
  • Material: Ceramic, stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 53⁄4" x 41⁄2" x 93⁄4"
  • Capacity: 6-oz. bean hopper
  • Made in China FEATURES
  • Hopper can be removed without emptying beans
  • Grounds container removes for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Shuts off automatically when all of the beans are ground
  • Safety switch turns the device off when either the hopper or grounds container are removed
  • Integrated cleaning brush helps keep burrs clean and grit-free