the wild horses palette

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a warm, cause-aiding palette effortlessly complimenting fall’s runway trends Embodying the Spirit of Freedom, Wild Horses have graced the American landscape for centuries, reminding us of our deepest connection to the Earth. Sadly, in just the past 40 years over 22 million acres of wild horse habitat has been lost in the US to make room for cattle, fracking, and mining companies. By conserving land for wild horses, we not only help save countless herds—we help save our environment from the polluting extractive industries that are destroying it. Making sure Wild Horses are able to roam freely means keeping a part of our Earth untouched and unexploited. Inspired by the magnificent beauty and free spirit of Wild Horses, Chantecaille has created a striking yet natural palette that effortlessly compliments the Fall 2013 runway trends. Includes the following shades: black stallion– a midnight black liner with whisper of shimmer, inspired by the elusive Black Stallion. palomino– a soft, creamy beige eye shade inspired by the golden coats and glistening blonde manes of the Palomino horses. mustang– a warm chestnut brown eye shade illuminated by flecks of gold, inspired by the iconic, wild Mustangs of the West. freedom– a flattering sunset pink that creates soft, windswept flush. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States and their efforts to ensure wild horses remain free to roam. Features four flattering horse-inspired hues for eyes and cheeks Cruelty-free, paraben-free, petrochemical-free