Wellnessmats Entwine Antifatigue Kitchen Mats

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Entwine WellnessMats combine medically-proven, antifatigue support while standing, with the detail of hand-carved artistry, in rich antique and solid colors. WellnessMats antifatigue technology adds the buoyant cushioned support to hard flooring that gives your feet, legs and back well-deserved relief from standing. This kitchen comfort mat is ergonomically engineered and medically proven to promote proper circulation, better posture, and interact with your body to reduce muscle fatigue and stress. Entwine Wellness Mats is distinctively created in a choice of light and dark antique shades and solid colors, to complement cabinetry and kitchen accessories. With the intricate detail characteristic of European interior designs, the timeless style of Entwine WellnessMats is a beautiful addition to your decor. WellnessMats retain buoyancy and resiliency for years, ensuring maximum comfort, safety and stress relief. Offering 50% more comfort than other leading mats, the longevity of the mat is permanently locked into each fiber. Cushioned kitchen mat will not de-laminate or curl at the edges. Nonslip antimicrobial surface is stain- and bacteria-resistant. Nonskid bottom and no-trip beveled edge provide ultimate walking safety. Puncture- and heat-resistant. Nontoxic and PVC-free. Tried, tested and preferred in the industries where standing is required, WellnessMats are advocated by healthcare professionals and are service-industry favorites for airports, salons, gyms, retailers, hotels and professional kitchens. Ideal for every location in your home where standing is commonplace: kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and workshop. Advanced polyurethane technology. Made in the USA. 7-year manufacturer warranty. Product Features
  • Medically proven to promote proper circulation, better posture and reduce muscle fatigue and stress
  • Wellness technology brings well-deserved relief to feet, legs and back while standing
  • Entwine design enhances home decor with a smooth polished look to complement kitchen countertop and island surfaces
  • Buoyant and resilient to retain shape and give support for years
  • Offers 50% more comfort than other mats in the industry
  • Comfort and longevity is built into each fiber of the advanced polyurethane
  • Will not de-laminate or curl at the edges
  • Nonslip surface, nonskid bottom and no-trip beveled edge for ultimate walking safety
  • Smooth antimicrobial surface is stain- and bacteria-resistant
  • Puncture- and heat-resistant
  • Safe and nontoxic, PVC-free polyurethane
  • Used in industries where standing is a daily requirement, WellnessMats are advocated by health care professionals and are the mats of choice in airports, salons, gyms, retailers, care facilities, hotels and professional kitchens