Rectangular Spice Measuring Spoons, Set of 8

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Size set of 8
Heavy-gauge rectangular spice spoons fit into tins, jars and canisters. CHEFS measuring spoons fit into spice tins with narrow openings to measure easily, without spillage or waste. Rectangular spice spoons make it easy to scoop and level ingredients, ensuring accurate measure of spices, dry ingredients and liquids. Long, easy-grip handles reach into tall jars and bottles, and allow easy balance for precise measure. This 8-piece measuring spoon set includes standard sizes: 14-, 12-teaspoon, 1-teaspoon and 1-tablespoon, plus 116-, 18-, 34-teaspoon and 1 12-tablespoon to halve, double or triple recipes, without calculating fractions. Heavy-gauge 188 stainless-steel measuring spoons with substantial rim to hold ingredients. Polished stainless-steel for smooth release. Durable to withstand the daily use in restaurant kitchens, CHEFS measuring spoons are rustproof, stainproof and nonreactive to acidic or dairy ingredients. Quick to identify with measurements permanently engraved in US and metric units on handles. Will not bend or warp for a lifetime of use. End loop and storage ring. Nest for in-drawer storage. Dishwasher-safe. CHEFS signature collection of professional-quality cookware, kitchen tools, bakeware, dinnerware and more is meticulously crafted and tested to delight the most discerning cook. CHEFS commitment to innovative, functional design is the key to delivering products of exceptional quality, performance and durability for home and professional kitchens.
  • 116-teaspoon (pinch)
  • 18-teaspoon (dash)
  • 14-teaspoon
  • 12-teaspoon
  • 34-teaspoon
  • 1-teaspoon
  • 1-Tablespoon
  • 1 12-Tablespoon Product Features
  • Rectangular-shape measures fit into narrow openings on tin, jars and canisters
  • Long and wide handles easily scoop from tall tins and jars
  • Easy to grip and balance, and ensure accurate measure
  • Extended sizes to halve, double or triple recipes, without calculating fractions
  • Substantial rim to level ingredients
  • Polished stainless-steel for smooth release
  • Rustproof, stainproof and nonreactive to acidic or dairy ingredients
  • Measurements permanently engraved in US and metric units on handles
  • End loop and storage ring
  • Nest for in-drawer storage
  • CHEFS signature professional-quality cookware, tools, bakeware and serveware are meticulously crafted and tested, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in the kitchen