POURfect Mixing Bowls

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green apple, set of 6
Add ingredients without creating a mess -- even when the mixer is running. The original spill-proof bowl, POURfect Bowls are smartly designed with eight unique features for a perfect measure, mix & pour bowl. Featuring a dripless spout to prevent a pouring mess, a pivot to position the bowl on another container for easy pouring, measuring markers in english and metric and innovative grips that slip over your index finger for a natural, comfortable grip. The channel and gull wing design directs ingredients exactly where they need to go and helps prevent over-spill. A non-slip rubber ring provides stability when mixing ingredients. An egg cracking ledge keeps the entire cracked egg in the bowl. The bowl fits comfortably in one hand for easy pouring. Dishwasher-safe. Set of 6, in 1-, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-cup capacities. Made in the USA.