Talking School Bus

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Entertaining interactive talking vehicle. The 4 passengers are cute little school friends: Tom the pencil, Bob the eraser, Ricky the ruler and Jimmy the pen. It has 3 play modes: 1. Music: lots of lively tunes and songs that invite toddlers to play with the school bus and their 4 new friends. 2. Learning: amusing songs and phrases that teach toddlers numbers, the letters of the alphabet and other school related content. 3. Quiz: entertaining riddles and quiz questions on colors, shapes and the functions of school supplies. A special sound effect is activated if the answers are wrong. If the answer is correct, toddlers will hear the voice of the 4 passengers. Recommended Ages: 18 months and up Weight: 2 lb
  • Product Measures: 6.25" by 9" by 6.75"