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Size 19 M EU / 3.5 M US Toddler 20 M EU / 4 M US Toddler 21 M EU / 5 M US Toddler 22 M EU / 6 M US Toddler 23 M EU / 6.5 M US Toddler 24 M EU / 7.5 M US Toddler 25 M EU / 8 M US Toddler 26 M EU / 9 M US Toddler 27 M EU / 9.5 M US Toddler 28 M EU / 10.5 M US Little Kid 29 M EU / 11 M US Little Kid 30 M EU / 12 M US Little Kid 33 M EU / 2.5 M US Little Kid 34 M EU / 3 M US Little Kid
Spain's favorite kids canvas and slipper brand, Cienta is manufactured close to the wine country in the La Rioja region. Cienta is a family owned factory and produces over one million pairs of shoes a year. The materials used are 100% cotton for summer and a high quality fabric for winter. The production system is in the vulcanization in natural rubber, creating a product of maximum comfort, fit and quality for the little ones. With these adorable, comfortable and soft shoes Cienta will be sure to win the heart of you and your child. All shoes are washable when the in-sock is removed.