XP604050 Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine, 10 Cup Combi

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A winning combination-hit the button and have delicious, aromatic coffee or espresso in your cup right away. Built to deliver your morning pick-me-up as fast as possible with a pause and serve feature that lets you grab a cup mid-brew, while also whipping up masterful cappuccinos and espressos for the coffee aficionado. Model XP604050.
  • Coffee maker features nonstick warming plate keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Coffee maker has auto shutoff after 2 hours
  • Espresso machine with 19-bar pump made in Italy
  • Espresso machine has automatic stop after 30 minutes, thermoblock heating and 50-oz. transparent water tank
  • Espresso machine has three functions: hot water, frothing and espresso
  • Espresso machine has adjustable drip trap for smaller cups
  • Compatible with ground coffee and all types of pods
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