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12 oz. Silversmiths'® Polish

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Professionally clean, shine and protect your cherished sterling and silverplate with our Silversmiths'® Polish and Silversmiths'® Spray Polish from Hagerty®. The Silversmiths'® Spray Polish is particularly effective for removing tarnish in crevices and patternwork. Refresh a pair of our Silversmiths'® Gloves with the Dry Silver Polish. Our Silver Duster by Hagerty® is a two-piece cloth that easily removes light tarnish from silver between polishings. As it cleans, it imparts a tarnish-resistant defense to preserve your silver's beautiful glow. Hagerty's® Silver Protection Strips were developed to neutralize tarnish-causing sulphur gases inside enclosed storage or display areas, keeping polished silver shining and ready for immediate use for up to one full year.
  • R22 tarnish preventative locks out tarnish 10 times longer than ordinary polish
  • Made in the USA