Schmidt Brothers 3-in. Keramik Paring Knife, Silver

Size 3-in.
It was like putting oil in the pan before cooking. A pinch of salt in the water before boiling. Putting the bread in the toaster before hitting the toast button. To us, it couldn’t have been more obvious. While other knivesmay have ceramic blades, The Schmidt Brothers are the first to combine ultra-sharp ceramic with an all steel handle. With steel being heavier than plastic or wood, it creates a more evenly balanced knife that gives you a much better feel when cutting. The Keramik series also boasts a seamless blade-to-handle transition (that’s design speak for “hey other knives, get out of my kitchen!”). Its two-toned look is also mighty sharp. But we know what you’re thinking. “Great looking knife, cuts like a champ, but “Keramik?” We wanted to stay true to our German traditions, and just like putting the bread in the toaster before hitting the toast button, you just can’t go against tradition. Features: Black all-Ceramic blade Stainless steel handle Fully integrated blade into handle for extra support Tapered bolster Rust & stain resistant handle Patented Schmidt Brothers Curve Extraordinary sharpness that exceeds industry standard for Steel Knives
  • Blade Length: 3-in.
  • Material Blade: Ceramic
  • Material Handle: Stainless steel
  • Size: 3-in.