CoverGirl Salon Shaper with

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Size 1.0ea
File buff, and shape your nails with this salon quality shaper. Each fully cushioned shaper has Aloe Vera, renowned for its moisturizing properties. Buffing nails gives a healthy sheen.
  • For normal to dry nails
Satisfaction Guarantee: This product is guaranteed to be superior in lasting performance, free from defects in material and workmanships. Return defective items for replacement. Made in China Pro tip: Nails should always be filed when dry to ensure smooth edges. Place file under the nail edge at a slight angle and file in one direction only. Next use the buffer side to finish the surface of the nails and give them a beautiful soft shine. Simply stroke it from side to side over the entire nail. Repeat buffing every few days to keep nails looking shiny. ©2009 The W.E. Bassett Company CoverGirl™ is a trademark of Noxell Corporation