Crate & Barrel
November Teapot by Julia Rothman

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Limited-edition release of 200. Limit one per customer. Often integrating houses, cityscapes and building details into her work, Brooklyn-based illustrator Julia Rothman naturally turned first to historical German architecture as the starting point for her Arzberg teapot design. Drawn to the shapes and patterns on the facades of timber-framed houses popular during the Middle Ages, Julia simultaneously recalled an exhibition of weavings from the Bauhaus school. "I realized that some of the repeating shapes and geometry in those weavings seemed similar to the shapes in the timber houses. I decided to make a design that connected both of those inspirations with the addition of my own personal style." The Arzberg Teapot has been a Crate and Barrel classic since the day we first opened our doors 50 years ago on December 7, 1962. Inspired by the Bauhaus school, its perfectly simple shape was designed in 1931 for the Arzberg porcelain factory in Germany. A young college student by the name of Gordon Segal first bought the teapot as a birthday present for his mother who loved making tea in the afternoon. When he opened the very first Crate and Barrel store in Chicago with his wife, Carole, he bought it again. And again. And again. In a 12-month celebration of our 50th anniversary year, we have invited 12 international designers to envision the Arzberg teapot as their artistic canvas. Each is a limited-edition collector's item, numbered and signed by the artist. 50th Anniversary Arzberg Teapot-November by Julia Rothman. 5.75" dia. x 6"H
  • Limited-edition release of 200
  • Purchase online only beginning November 1, 2013 at 12:01 a.m. central time
  • Limit one per customer
  • Packaged in a special collector's box crafted of FSC-certified pine wood
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Pure porcelain
  • Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
  • Made in Germany