Barrel Handle Stainless Steel Zester

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Sharp perforations on this zester shave extra-fine strips from citrus, leaving behind bitter pith. This precision Cuisinart zester features a sharp-cutting bevel edge above each perforation to quickly trim essential flavor from citrus fruit. With quick even strokes, this lemon zester shaves only the citrus strip, leaving behind the pith that can alter the taste and texture of recipes. The large side perforation scoop referred to as a channel also features a V-shaped edge to prepare decorative garnishes and create appealing appetizers, salad or casserole toppings. The contemporary design of stainless-steel with soft-grip barrel handle ergonomically engineered for exceptional comfort. This stainless-steel zester performs prep tasks with ease and precision. Cuisinart combines innovation with function and practical style to create appliances, cookware, bakeware and utensils that excel in performance. Recipient of numerous design awards, and endorsed by culinary connoisseurs, Cuisinart is a leading inventor of kitchenwares for the home gourmet.
  • Extra-fine perforations extract only the citrus zest, leaving behind the white pit
  • Extra-sharp beveled cutting edge above each perforation shaves only the rind
  • The ideal timesaving tool for adding zest to breads, sauces and desserts
  • Side channel creates decorative appetizers, garnishes and toppings
  • Stainless-steel is rustproof and easy to clean
  • Cuisinart is a leading innovator of kitchenwares for the home gourmet