STIMULSKIN PLUS Lift Renewal Series

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A precious, ground-breaking treatment that promotes cell renewal in an optimal 28-day period while reinforcing tissue structure to revitalized and rejuvenate skin.

Designed for aging skin diminished by stress, climate change, fatigue, sun damage, and hormonal changes. This is intensified with mature skin as it is less able to recover from severe conditions and needs a complete remedyan intensive cellular regeneration.
  • Promotes natural cell renewal cycle
  • Exfoliates to reveal new, fresh skin cells
  • Protects cell's energy
  • Strengthens and improves elasticity of tissue structure
  • Helps produce superior and functioning collagen

Key ingredients: Hematite, Deepsane, Acetylglucosamine, Sweet Almond extracts, Mica, Algae extracts, Arabidopsis Thaliana, and Oligopeptide (10% concentration; highest concentration possible in a formula).