Deborah Lippmann
Magnet Appeal Nail Polish Set

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  • Magic Man, a midnight navy wave.
  • Punk Princess, a gilded raspberry wave.
  • Hard Knock Life, a gunmetal black wave.
  • Also includes a custom-designed magnet to create the unique wave design.

The trio offers the perfect punch of color for Fall—bold but not too bright, with different shades to suit your mood. The designs are endless so you can let your creativity soar, and similar to when using glitter lacquer, the beauty is in the imperfection. Each nail shouldn't look the same, and if you don't like a design, just apply another coat of polish and try again! There's nothing easier than holding a magnet over the nail and unleashing your inner artist.

What's our technique?
  • As usual, begin with a base coat and then apply one coat of the magnet lacquer—be sure to wait a full minute or two between layers to let solvents dry.
  • When applying the second coat to create your design, we like to paint one nail at a time and immediately hover the magnet above the nail while the lacquer is very wet to achieve the best design effects.
  • Create different wave designs by moving the magnet in different directions.
  • Personalize your nail art and have fun with it!