Body Guard Exquisitely Light Spf 30 For Face & Body

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This facial sunscreen redefines the term lightweight.With a texture that can only be described only as exquisite, this oil free, oil-reducing AND skin rejuvenating sunscreen provides completely sheer UVA & UVB spectrum protection. Avert sun damage to your face and body with this exquisitely light, oil-free, oil-reducing , non comedogenic and rejuvenating sunscreen that provides protection, clarity, and relief. Going far beyond providing sun protection, Body Guard also boasts a comprehensive blend of powerful antioxidants, soothing botanicals and grease-repelling Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles¿ to save skin from a day in the sun. Active ingredient ECCG contained in Green Tea helps fight free radical damage and has been shown in many medical studies to be helpful in reducing both UV damage and may play a role in skin cancer prevention. Body Guard is a delicately whipped lotion that vanishes quickly, leaving a non-greasy, matte finish even in hot, humid weather. Perfect for any skin type without leaving skin dry or parched. Simply apply it and within seconds it¿s no longer noticeable; no greasy texture, pore plugging, acne or rosacea flare-ups or dripping into the eyes. It¿s all about effectiveness, not stickiness! Body Guard is most definitely oil-free and non-comedogenic. But to make things even better, forty five percent of individuals enrolled in comedogenicity testing of this product found their acne improved; presumably in response to a reduction in surface skin oils. After a day in the sun, an 8 hour window exists that any free radical damage or early sunburn/sun damage can be addressed. Consider Body Guard an ideal rejuvenating post-sun treatment after showering, too. Calming botanicals cucumber, chamomile and calendula are lifesavers against harsh elements ¿ like wind, sun and pollution, while sodium hyaluronate rescues skin from environmental dehydration. UVA and UVB Protection | Dermatologist Tested & Approved | Non Comedogenic | Non Irritating | Allergy Tested | Fragrance Free | PABA Free | Parsol 1789 Sun Protection | Dye Free | No Animal Testing