Wean Green Meal Bowl Pea

Size 720 ml
Wean Green's Meal Bowls tempered glass food containers hold an entire meal for everyone in the family! Use the containers for a great snack pack for kids to fill them for the day. The lids are durable and have passed the 'use' testing machine over 3 million times per tab! The child friendly design allows easy opening for small hands and the glass is 4-5 times stronger than a drinking glass! Meal Bowls are freezer, microwave, & dishwasher safe. Imported. Imported- Korea Tempered Glass Base with PP Lid
  • Dimensions: Measures 1" wide by 1" long by 1" tall/deep
  • Material: Tempered Glass Base with PP Lid
  • Additional Features: Lockable, Kid-Friendly, Microwave-Friendly, No BPA, No PVC, PHALATE FREE, Airtight Seal, Tempered Glass 4-5 times stronger than regular glass