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Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum

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Works together to counteract dark circles, puffiness & the formation of under eye bags. Maximizes collagen levels, stimulates new collagen and minimizes collagen loss to improve hollow look. Improves microcirculation and imparts instant brightening and concealing effects. Povides hydration at all levels. Key Ingredients: BHC- Bio-Herbal Compound: Synergistic composition of plant extracts Customized Blend of Key Amino Acids & Hyaluronic Acid: Proprietary blend of encapsulated key amino acids combined with a naturally occurring substance found in skin cells Lumisphere & Cold Ball Applicator: Microencapsulated skin illuminator & Cold Ball applicator Hydra APS: Micro-encapsulated water spheres Benefits: Decreases the look of tired eyes by instantly improving luminosity & brightness Helps fade dark circles by stimulating microcirculation & repairing inflammatory damage Reduces puffiness by draining excess fluids Helps reduce under eye bags by breaking down abnormal fatty deposits Provides a less hollow look by increasing collagen levels & strengthening thin, fragile skin Keeps eye area hydrated & healthy looking For all skin types