Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Skin Care Lipstick Novum Lip Color, 02 Copper Beach 0.07 oz (2 g)

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01 Hazelnut 02 Copper Beach 03 Cherrywood 04 Sand Dune
Size 2 g
Copper Beach - shimmering orange More Than Makeup Dr.Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics safely nurture the skin with therapeutic botanical and mineral ingredients. While the skin is nourished and protected, rich colors from natural mineral pigments and petal waxes blend effortlessly with your skin tone. Dr.Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics are created with natural colors inspired by the palette of your own skin. Nurturing ingredients from Mother Nature enhance your unique beauty. These Lipsticks enhance with subtle radiance as they refine, renew and protect. Rose petal and carrot extracts refine and renew the lips Rose wax and shea butter protect and soften Argan and Jojoba oils add nourishing gloss Natural colors enhance and highlight your own beautiful tones Dermatologically tested Free of synthetic preservatives and scent Made in Germany