Dr. Weil Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask

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Too much sun, wind and hydration. Too many hours on a plane, too many days burning the candle at both ends. With life so taxing, the list of daily stressors can easily go on and on. Effects accumulate, and your skin needs extra help to break the cycle. This creamy treatment mask with hypsizgus ulmarius, cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms along with ginger, holy basil and tuemeric rushes relief to challenged skin to rapidly soothe signs of compromise. Chinese black bamboo leaf extract, celebrated for centuries as a symbol of eternal youth, quells and calms visible redness and reactivity. And a unique blend of marine algae and moisture-replenishing plant extracts helps revitalize and restore luminosity to stressed skin and rebuild a protective barrier to help avoid future flare-ups. 3.4 fl. oz./100 ml.