Elizabeth Charles
Be Inthavong Bobo Navy With Python Handles

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Bobo navy with python handles THIS ITEM IS A STAFF PICK!!! I've been looking for this bag for YEARS!!! Clean, classic and elegant! This bag is made of thin strips of leather, hand woven on custom built silk looms in a traditional, patent pending process in the designer's homeland of Laos, and then constructed in NY where he now resides. The expert construction and beautiful craftsmanship make these unique bags remakably strong, durable and due to a fine inbuilt frame, virtually weightless. Absent of meaningless hardware (the weave is his logo!), and lined in the highest quality lambskin this bag gives me as much pleasure to use as it does carry! From elizabeth's Top 10 Staff Picks! Dimensions 14" length x 9" height x 6" width. The bag available is navy and has PYTHON handles, not leather (as pictured)