Emile Henry
Flame Top Tagine, 2.6 quart

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Hand-finished ceramic tagine cooks foods slowly to draw out superb taste and ensure tenderness. The Emile Henry Flame 2.6-Qt. Tagine makes it easy to add healthy North African-style cooking to your weekly menus. The first ceramic tagine safe for oven, cooktop, microwave, grill and open flame to 750 F, the Emile Henry dish slow-simmers to create poultry and fruit, couscous, rice and stews deliciously moist and infused with spices. Crafted in France from high-fired natural Burgundy clay, the covered tagine features a natural nonstick cooking surface that needs little or no added fats. The cone-shaped lid creates a seal to condense and circulate moisture throughout the foods that are gradually braised to full-flavored tenderness. Innovative proprietary Flame technology allows the hand-finished ceramic casserole to cook on even barbeque grills and open flame. Five years of research and development created the PFOA- and PTFE-free Emile Henry Flame line that excels in uniform, natural cooking and keeps meats, vegetables and sauces aromatic and juicy. Lamb or chicken cooked with a medley of spices, pears, apricots and dates are just the beginning of endless tagine favorites your family and friends will keep requesting. Smoothly glazed ceramic dish will not chip, scratch or discolor and does not absorb stain, odors or flavors. The easy-to-handle tagine is 30% lighter than similar cast-iron or enamel cookware and can go directly from freezer to a hot oven without countertop warm up. Each rich color makes the Emile Henry cookware a stylish serving dish for any occasion. The Emile Henry tagine cleans up quickly by hand and is dishwasher-safe. Founded in 1850 by the Henry family in France's mineral-rich Burgundy clay region, today Emile Henry is the largest manufacturer of ceramic ovenware in France and has established a worldwide reputation for crafting the finest quality ceramic culinary products. Skilled artisans meticulously oversee the forming, casting, glazing and firing of each hand-finished Emile Henry piece. The proprietary Flame manufacturing process produces ovenware that is more resistant to thermal shock, mechanical shock or chipping and scratching than other ceramic products, including porcelain, stoneware and earthenware.
  • Innovative Flame ceramic technology allows for high-heat cooking to 750 F
  • Crafted of France's mineral-rich Burgundy clay with its superior heat retention properties
  • Eco-responsible Emile Henry uses only natural products in their ceramic
  • Each Emile Henry cookware piece is hand-finished and signed by its individual craftsman
  • Evenly distributing heat, the tagine heats up faster and keeps hot longer than ordinary ceramic cookware
  • Self-basting lid with a dimpled interior condenses and circulates moisture back into foods
  • The gentle, even heat distribution retains natural flavors of foods for superb-tasting dishes
  • Smoothly glazed ceramic will not chip, scratch or discolor
  • The ceramic does not absorb stains, odors and flavors
  • Durable tagine is 30% lighter than similar cast-iron or enamel pots
  • Oven- and microwave-safe to 750 F and broiler-safe
  • Suited for all types of barbeque grills and open flame to 750 F
  • Freezer-safe to -125 F and can go straight from freezer to hot cooking appliance
  • Use with metal utensils, but nonmetal utensils recommended to better protect the cookware surface
  • Food-safe glazes are free of lead and cadmium
  • Footed base provides more even heat diffusion
  • Large flame-resistant handles make for easy lifting and carrying
  • Suited for gas, electric, ceramic, glass and halogen cooktops, and induction-capable with induction interface disc
  • Dishwasher-safe; hand washing is recommended
  • 10-year limited warranty