Emile Henry
8.5x5.5-in. Classics Lasagna Dish, Blanc

Size 8.5x5.5-in.
The glazes in the Provencale collection are transparent, creating bright, vibrant colors for your kitchen. We call this a lasagna dish, but it's useful for many different dishes. Casseroles, cinnamon buns and macaroni and cheese are just a few ideas of how this handcrafted dish can be used.About Emile Henry...In the Burgundy region of France is the legendary maker of fine French cookware named Emile Henry. There, potters still hand craft each piece from the local Burgundy Clay - one of the purest of clays. Containing no lead, the clay is one of the best materials for baking and serving.
  • Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe
  • Length: 8.5-in.
  • Material: Burgundy Clay
  • Origin: France
  • Size/Capacity: 16-oz.
  • Special Features: Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Width: 5.5-in.