Emile Henry
Flame® Ceramic Large Tagine

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Use your imagination and the Flame Top 3.7 Qt Tagine from Emile Henry to create your own tagine dish. A tagine is a North African dish, typically a slow cooked stew, named for the special type of pot it's cooked in. The flat base has a cone-shaped cover that returns moisture back to the food. With the cover removed, the base can be used as a serving dish. Beautiful, natural-looking ceramic cookware heats evenly and maintains temperature for long periods of time. Smooth glaze coating in rich color is extremely strong, resists sticking, and is easy to clean. Snug fitting lid seals in flavor and moisture. Works great on gas flame, electric and halogen cooktops (except induction). Suitable for the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and conventional ovens. Can be used under the broiler. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 14 diameter, 14.5 wide x 9.5 high. Capacity: 3.7 qt. Weight: 8 lbs ; Made in France. This offer includes the hardcover cookbook Do You Tagine? by freelance chef and culinary consultant Bruno Barbieri. This remarkable cookbook was created in collaboration with Emile Henry, a manufacturer of quality tagine cooking vessels. The book includes 24 recipes that demonstrate the wide variety of meat, poultry and seafood dishes that are enhanced by tagine-style cooking. Publisher: Bibliotheca Culinaria. Emile Henry offers a limited household ten-year manufacturer against breakage due to defective workmanship. Please refer to package documentation or the Emile Henry website for details.