2-Piece Induction Cooktop

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The Fagor 2-piece, 1800-watt induction cooktop comes with an induction ready grill and 10 skillet, so you can start cooking at anytime and anywhere an outlet is available. excellent as an extra cooking zone in the kitchen or for taking along on excursions its lightweight and portable size make it perfect for college dorm use, boats or recreational vehicles 10 power levels with temperature range from 140-430oF provide precise instant heat remarkable induction cooking technology warms only the food and pan not the cooking surface durable, easy-to-clean crystal glass panel with soft touch controls built-in digital count down timer, up to 150 minutes unit automatically shuts off if no cookware is detected 113⁄4x14 cooktop is plastic/glass; 91⁄2 skillet is aluminum/stainless steel with bakelite handle. Imported.