Duo 9-Piece Pressure Canning Set (Stainless Steel) Individual Pieces Cookware

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Discover the wonderful world of canning with the Duo 9-Piece Pressure Canning Set. 9-piece set includes: 1 x 10 Qt. Pressure cooker (can be used for both pressure cooking and pressure canning) 1 x Canning rack (holds 4 1-pint jars) 1 x Stainless steel funnel 1 x Stainless steel ladle 1 x Jar lifter 1 x Jar wrench 1 x Bubble freer 1 x Magnetic lid lifter 1 x Canning cookbook ; Preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables and enjoy them anytime you want to. The only safe method of preserving low-acid foods such as vegetables, meat, and poultry is by using a pressure cooker at a minimum of 240°F to destroy heat-resistant microorganisms. Constructed of premium-quality, heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel. Spring-type mechanism with two pressure settings: Low 8 psi; High 15 psi. Safety lock in the pressure cooker lid prevents opening the lid until pressure has been fully released. Suitable for all stove-tops, including induction. Pressure cooker pot is dishwasher safe. Pressure cooker lid hand-clean only. Pressure cooker dimensions: Capacity: 10.0 Qt. Diameter: 10.0 Height: 8.0 Handle length: 5.5 Weight: 8.0 lbs.